Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Just a spoonful of sugar....

Its a beautiful morning and gonna be a beautiful day. I have begun to learn TM this week. March 24 is the first day of the rest of my life.  It is changing my life in every way. DKL gifted it to me as I could not afford the amount one must pay to learn these sacred teachings. He had been talking about it since I first met him but somehow this last time we had a cup of joe was the time it finally went in.

 It started to work on me from the moment I said yes to him. Maybe before, actually. Within 9 days of our coffee date I had the most beautiful and intense dream with the teacher  Maharishi. HE came to me in a dream. I did not know at the time it was him until I met the woman instructing me. She said things in the dream showed her clearly it was him. She had studied with him.  Lynn is my sister in every sense. We even sort of look alike. As she explained to me the first day what TM is and what it does......I knew I was home. Finally. After SO many years of searching and searching, I now have my daily practice and I know I will never stop.

I always knew I needed a daily practice but until the student is ready, the teacher does not appear. But appear he did and she did. She was in my dream as well. As a sister. She was teaching me sacred dances. Which at the time I had not begun but was going to the following week with Sheryl Lee. My dear friend. A pure soul.

It has literally been shocking the synchronicity that has been happening in my life.  I pray little prayers most of the day. Being so grateful. I have been through so much in the past few years. Painted to be a demon by some.  They were just projecting their demons onto me. I see it now. I now know better. I now see how I can unintentionally and sometimes intentionally threaten people. And they in their blindness blame me for their inadequacies. Or I am the only one screaming that the emperor is naked and they should wake the hell up!!!  And some are just flat out CRAZY. But God bless them. I don't have to try to fix them, be blamed by them or deal with them at all. I am free. I am liberated. And completely protected.

In all honesty they were all gifts. Because they reflected back to me the places within myself where I hated myself. Where I did not see myself. Where I was lying to myself. So for that I am grateful. What I know now is that it was all necessary. Every single situation, event, all of it was all necessary. I regret nothing.  I am so grateful that it is a new day. I got bruised and battered but bruises heal. And now,I have flown away towards the light.

I am dancing, singing and playing in the light. I am blessed. I am loved. I am in ecstatic bliss.  Yesterday I read that my dear friend suggested for this full moon we create a mandala. Split into four groups and put colors, images and or words that fit. I had cut out words months ago for a vision board with my then relationship that never happened. As I made this mandala, imagine my UTTER SHOCK as each word save one fit perfectly into this mandala. Another miracle. It is as if there has always been a plan .I just did not know it.

In closing, have a beautiful day. Find your own perfect path from the signs life gives you. Life IS the supreme guru. Listen to what it tells you. With eyes to see and ears to hear, yo too will fly as I am. For I am not special...we all are.

Love and Light


  1. The first time I read a post from your blog-it spoke to me-like I was meant to rd it. It was about womanhood and motherhood and at the time I was figuring out who I was after having my three children in span of three years.

    Now I rd this post and again it speaks to me. I am happy to hear you found a way to express yourself spiritually and are able to find peace within yourself. Also to be able to recognize the things that you do. I wish more people were reflective and would seek out ways to make their lives better. But alas, they don't.

    Your post comes to me the day after I got my results from a biopsy. No cancer but the cells are abnormal. I don't know what to feel or what to think but then I realized that this week is Easter week and to be the holiest time of the year. How ironic? Perhaps not. Perhaps the yrs following the birth of my children as I felt more removed from the spiritual that this is my opportunity to bring myself closer.

    I may even make a mandala. They are powerful symbols of peace and reflection. I hope you continue on this path-isn't just the best when things start to make sense?


  2. Yes Bunny!!!! We are all a bit "Abby-normal"... fuck the doctors and their diagnosis designed to produce fear and have you spen more and more money!!!! Make a mandala. And find your path to God that resonates with you!!!! Whatever it is...there is no wrong path. And yes not ironic on this holiday. And what does the holiday represent. A 'seeming" death but more importantly a resurrection!!! We focue too much on the crucifiction. NO MORE I SAY.... You are a beautiful and powerful woman.Love and Light!!!!!!!!!!!xxxoooo

  3. Hey Sherilyn Love you Sherilyn-Fenn.com

  4. Hi Sherri,

    I just stumbled across your blog tonight and while I struggled to sleep, I found myself reading every post.

    It's been quite some journey and I want to thank you for sharing your thoughts, observations, opinions and feelings. It has been enlightening and a pleasure.

    I will continue to read and hope that the process of writing these blogs helps bring you peace and positivity.

    There's a Scottish Gaelic expression that I think you'll like.

    "Air mlièud 's ge 'm faigh thu gu math, 's lughaid a gheabh thu gu h-olc."

    It kinda translates into "The more you find of good, the less you'll get of ill." It's a pretty nice message and one I get the feeling will mean something to you right now.

    Much love and happiness to you and your boys.

    S2 x

  5. Sorry for my ignorance, but what's "TM?"

  6. Its not ignorant at all. I should know that not everyone knows. Its trancendental meditation. God blesses you.

  7. I think that doing meditation is wonderful ive done it for years now and it is very peaceful and calming

  8. If I had to make a guess, transcendental meditation would have been it. Rather than make assumptions, I figured I'd ask.

    Follow up question - who's God? God blesses me? I don't remember sneezing.

  9. Just found your blog, love your honesty.
    I'll be following.

  10. hi sherilyn i made a painting of you. but i'm not a good painter...would you like to see?

  11. wonderful gorgeous post. keep writing and sharing.

  12. The Beach Boys wrote many great songs about TM and in fact took the Maharishi on tour in '68 this is a beautiful song Sherilyn I think you will,love it they even sand it on their tour at the Albert Hall last year and it was AMAZING :-) enjoy xx http://m.youtube.com/#/watch?v=MfeH44ZMtWM&desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DMfeH44ZMtWM

  13. To meditate is a bless, enjoy the path :)


  14. I'm so happy to read this :)

    I don't know if you remember me Sherilyn but we used to talk sometimes on *whispers* twitter [I was @insp26] I've been going to group meditation sessions for world peace for the last four years and each time I think of you and hope and pray you find your inner peace. It sounds like you're on your way and this fills me with such joy!

    Take care :)
    Sophie x

  15. Hello,
    I was on a different site where I saw a mention of you and so I checked the blog.Yes,I am one of the brave ones who viewed you on Rude Awakenings back in the day on Showtime for those moments with Rain Pryor and Beverly D'Angelo. It was so different from most of Showtime's mess dramedys of that time and yet,I sensed even as an actress that you needed calm and blessings as just a normal adult. So,I am glad TM is helping. I am sorry the relationship with your husband deteriorated. I think you should explore writing for tv or a screenplay,eventually. Rude Awakenings was a big mess but it did tell some truths about dependency and lesbians and it did not hurt to have Georgy Girl Lynn Redgrave who had to battle real life hell in her relationship before the cancer came. Maybe you will also like the singer Pink's approach to puting it all out there which many women of all ages are finding a comfort,too. Hang in there with your children and never,ever confuse your cable tv role as Billie with this life which offers lots of pain and sunshine,if you can not only chant your mantra but do the laundry! later,mark in palm harbor,florida

  16. Hi Sherilynn!! I'm so glad I stumbled upon your blog. I love your words, and can really relate to you. I've always followed your career, whether intentionally or unintentionally, from Twin Peaks to Gilmore Girls. :) I was hoping for your advice; I'm a current college student about to graduate next month and go forth on this journey called life, and am pretty terrified/excited about it. Sometimes I feel trapped by the expectations of my parents to "settle down" and pressure by society to get a decent job and make money. Everyone I know has followed these exact steps but I always feel like I'm meant for more than is expected of me. I want to travel, experience things, meet people, fall in love, maybe make some bad choices along the way. Any advice or personal wisdom you could share with me? Thanks.

    1. NEVER settle! Follow your dreams, no one else has to live your life, so don't settle for their dreams. Own yours :)

      If you need someone in your corner, I'm a lifecoach! Feel free to reach out. I was exactly where you are, except my mom also lives life as opposed to existing. I followed my dreams...they took me to 33 countries, 49 states and a move cross-country. I live and work in NYC and couldn't be happier. You get one life. LIVE it :)

  17. Dear Winterwinds,

    Not sure why yr post is not published. I think I hit a wrong button. Anyway, I read it and my absolute advice to you as you asked is to FOLLOW YOUR HEART !!!! My dear, you have this life to live. So do it fully. ANd yes, you will make mistakes because we ALL do...only all the time. And yet mistakes as we call them teach us so much. Maybe in fact they are not mistakes at all. But mis-takes. Like on a set, so we just do another take.

    But truly, how exciting to be at the beginning of this your life. Run !!!! Towards !!!! Your !!!! Happiness !!!!! Of course we love our elders and feel pressure but they do not know know what is best for you. Find your happiness. Explore. I envy you at thebeginning of it all.

    Live ti Love!!!! xxxoooxxxooo


    1. Imagine yourself a cosmic instrument within the orchestra of infinity. Does your harp strum so densely it can never function as counter melody to the beautiful melodies that float above yours? Is your trumpet only important when it is blown at full volume? Are you the singular cymbal crash that only achieves relevance when accenting the passage of others? Do all instruments cease to be musically existent once they have ventured forth to render their singularly small part of the overall symphony?

      Rejoice in your melody, in your time to solo. Embrace the chance to contribute within something larger then yourself as you accompany the melody that is not yours. Lastly, revere in your silence as you rest knowing that even within the time of your silence the melodies of others is as much yours as yours was theirs.

  18. Sorry. On my previous comment, I started walking down the road and began to notice the flowers and accoutrement along the side and next thing you know, I forgot where I was going! I meant to comment that the TM thing is all about the silence and the opportunity to hear something other then the patter of your own concern, that whole melody of others bit at the end. Not that I do any of that myself. Noisy brain, noisy life....at least one in song I suppose.

  19. Hey there!

    A - big fan. Oddly, though I was born in the 70's, my first introduction to you was in the movie Three of Hearts (as opposed to Twin Peaks)...and I've been a fan since.

    B - I'm a celebrity journalist and would love to chat with you! I'm reaching out because in reading your "about me" you quoted my mother (indirectly) and one of my best friends (again...indirectly).

    I'll explain...My mom lives by the motto: If not now, when??

    My friend ALWAYS says, "Keep your side of the street clean"

    Needless to say, reading both made me need to say hi. Hi!

    If you're down for an interview, let me know! I can be reached at mollynews.com