Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Walk towards light....

This planet that we are living on is a dramatic pace. I see people all around me catching the wave of a beautiful transitional and sometimes extremely painful evolution of humanity. Personal and collective. Through connections with whomever comes into the sphere of my life,be it a waitress to an executive (although there is NO difference between them) there is a palpable seeking and searching for a new path. A need for questions deep inside to be answered. A desire to not experience so much pain. A questioning of the choices they are making in their lives. And in a rare situation, a person who has achieved all they thought they needed to be "happy" yet, alas, they are not.

Rumi, one of my favorite writers attributes this to the fact that we are "plucked from our source" where we are in communion with our source in a tangible way. That when we come here, all we see in separation. Seeming separation anyway. We are always with our source. Yet we feel abandoned in a strange new world. That when we came from a light, spirit we are dense and heavy. Sound familiar???

After much seeking in my life I always had the question that few could speak to in a way that made sense to me. Or resonated with my heart because most esoteric concepts are far beyond my little computer mind anyway. I never bought that we had to come here to "learn something." I believe we ALL come from source/GOD/supreme being/tree (hehehe) it matters not what you call it. And since we come from that and ARE that and that is perfect, this idea that we are flawed and now need to be fixed and learn seemed like bullshit to me.

The concept that resonates with me the most is that GOD being one and infinite seeks to experience itself. It seeks the mirror of itself. And so being infinite an abundance of things are created. People of different shapes, sizes and colors. displays of it everywhere you look. And on this plane of duality some will be "beautiful" and some may be not so "beautiful."

It seems we all just want the beautiful states of being. And seek to hang onto them with such intensity that we make our lives so much harder than they need to be. And we lose in the process because no state is sustainable. This is the concept the Buddhists call staying in the center of the wheel. The wheel of life which inevitably goes up and down. If ones hangs onto the outside of the wheel there is a series of ups and downs. But the center keeps you just that. Centered, watching and observing but not going up and down constantly. Allowing all that is this experience.

We are "Spiritual beings having a human experience, not human beings having a spiritual experience." An amazing quote that I am not sure where it originated. Possibly Rumi, as well.

This does not mean that one does not feel and becomes a sort of zombie. It means that we experience less pain with the inevitable things that occur in our lives. We need to be like that of a child. They feel all their feelings fully, then move on. Without holding an inner account to beat themselves or someone (a loved one, a co-worker, a friend) with.

The holding of these accounts can also bastardize your future because "state your limitations and they will surely be yours." We are ALL GOD. And we create everyday, every moment with out thoughts, words and actions. Even the secret thoughts that we keep deep inside, ashamed for anyone to see or hear. They unconsciously inform all we do. All that comes to us. Stop blaming. Its us.

First we blame our parents, then we blame ourselves, then we stop blaming.

This is quite empowering. Everything is a mirror, so when we look at whats is in our lives, we brought it in. Also, we have the power to change it all. In the moment we decide to do so. In every moment there is an infinite amount of choices that can be made. Walk towards light. That is simple concept and a real leveler in the madness of all the voices in one's head. And in the madness that we are all going to experience in this lifetime. For we are gonna see some amazing and crazy and at times scary things.

Just ask yourself,"Am I walking towards light."

It makes for a heaven on earth experience. Yes, it may be that you don't want to in this life. That you want to walk towards darkness. That is your choice. You will end up back at the source anyway. But I choose to walk towards light.