Saturday, May 14, 2011

It's a new day......

I cannot teach someone to be more emotionally open and sharing. I cannot make someone come out of their self imposed prison. As  children we are put into these cells. Each bar is painfully built through every day of our lives and the ignorance and abuse of our parents and society.  It grows and grows until the jail is complete. An ugly gray box where light really enters......  A ugly, cold place that we have been condemned to.

The lightness of childhood lost, all at once, one is in their teenage yrs.  At this age they seek to break out but have no tools to do so.  They search for everything from the outside...... So they go deeper  spiraling to their demise. They are more self involved, too self involved . With a strange certainty that they know everything and everyone else is wrong. Bombarded by hormones makes it worse.  They still live in their cell but paint it with delusions and lies in a spectrum of colors. But it is still just the same jail. They have learned nothing of how to get out.

Years pass, layers upon layers of cover are formed. You are dying to see light again. The true connected light that you saw and felt as a child while the cell was still in its beginning stages. You continue the search in all kinds of external places seeking to fill the wrong hole. Left feeling worse than when the journey began, finding nothing......

If one is lucky you start to break out. You look honestly at yourself and your life. You chip away at these bars beginning to have the courage to understand how they were built and by whom. Life assists you by kicking your ass when you stray too far from the truth. You work.... You become someone who as difficult as it is, someone upon who NOTHING is lost.

That means breaking out of the collective lies. Of your lies, of your family, of society as a whole. It is nothing less than a violent break out. You fight those bars, you wrestle them, you saw at them, and slowly one by one they come down. You need only remove a few to escape although you had to live through the torture of each single one being built. A few choice truths being brought to light, the core ones and you can be free.

Then you must share...... You must share your discoveries....... You must be open to your brothers and sisters of the planet. We all learn from one having the courage to actually share their truth. Not shamefully hide it away.  That is living in the cell again after all. Hiding behind those masks.  The days of all of that are done. Change of a magnitude unfathomable is happening now. Jump on board. You will be supported in a way you could never imagine. A multitude of ways......

But it takes intense commitment and courage. Many will be left behind on your journey. I have left many family members behind on mine. We will meet again  someday in another place. But here they will not hold me back. I will and have moved out of my cell onto truer truths. I encourage you to do the same.

An unexamined life is not worth living. Break out of your cell.....

Love and Light....xxxooo


  1. Dear Sherilyn - I'm sad to hear things have hit a rough patch for you. Hang in there, I hope they work out.

    You are right that as you grow up you do grow apart from some folks, it just happens. I can't know your situation as opposed to mine though.

    Hang in there, know a lot of people think positive thoughts of you.

  2. Sherilyn,
    God bless you for sharing again. Your words continue to amaze and inspire. I completely relate and empathize with what you state. Like yourself, I'm desperately trying to break away from negativity, both in current relationships and past experiences, and seeking/searching for positive new horizons. Stay strong on your journey. Remember that so many fans, like myself, stand behind your courageous words 100 percent. Thank you.

  3. wow.. once again a very powerful blog. i feel priviledged to read your words, thoughts & feelings. keep inspiring~

  4. I actually did not mean this to seem as if I am in a bad place.... I am not. I have never been better. It was born of a specific situation where someone dear to me wanted me to lead them to a more emotional open place and I was not sure "how" to do that. It just spilled out of me this blog...with very little thought. But make no mistake....I am happy and have NEVER in my life been better or felt more trust in process and myself......but thanks for the kind thought anyway...xxxooo

  5. Some songs have helped me deal with the fear of revealing my own truth. Tori Amos songs include Crucify, Silent All These Years, Little Earthquakes, Mother. Bjork - Play Dead. Kate Bush - Hounds of Love. If you get time have a listen...Kindest Regards. Cher XXoo

  6. Hi Sherilyn

    It’s good to see that you’re still posting and trust this note finds you well!

    Seems like things are good for you right now and as ever you seem really positive.

    Just wanted to drop you a line just to say how appreciated your work is and how much you and your talent have influenced and effected so many people, myself included of course.

    I don’t think I can name a single actress that has lit the screen so beautifully as you have done over the years , a rare and unique quality , your presence and talent goes much further than the cinema / TV screen and internet blogs.

    A searing talent , strong personality and a desire to achieve and succeed are indeed rare qualities especially in the current climate of super ficial and media obsessed personalities and talentless TV wannabees.

    I think I can hear echoes of your discontent over the teenagers of today and there obsession with media celebs and possessions instead of striving to achieve dreams and ambitions and become their own true personalities which ultimately leads to beautiful, individual and attractive people. Something I believe you have achieved and what first attracted me to you as an actress and human being as I believe this comes across in you work.

    Sorry to ramble just wanted to say it’s good to know that you’re still out there and still positively moving forward.

    Peace, Love and Happiness !


  7. Hi Sherilyn,

    I just bumped on your site from a famous celebrity Wikipedia.
    I find your blog interesting and this topic is a deep touch to whom ever have had this experience. When i started breaking free, i took my 3 siblings along and till date we still feel the harshness of cold childhood. We break free daily and hope to get past it soon.

    Thanks for sharing and am happy you are yourself and living your life. Ciao.

  8. Wow! Amazing! Very true, I agree with you. These last several years I have learned how to love and be loved due to my conscience effort that love can remove the chains or bars put on me. Love begins in me. I am the spark that starts the fire. I'm not alone in this love journey because we all want to be love so I give it freely to anyone wanting to take it. I have found it feels way better to live in Love. All my best to you and good luck in your life. May love always be with you. ...Thanks for your posting.

  9. Fly fly fly....

    Mothers and fathers, united in the flapping wings, 
    They are two butterflies flying together, 
    An open-door showing a ray of light from heaven. 
    Their eyes has been closed softly and tenderly. 
    They fly with their souls blinded. 

    Hope .... 

    Brothers and sisters, nothing is less uncertain, 
    A butterfly alone in the night doesn't feel his flapping wings, 
    Nature is invisible to his internal eyes, 
    As he doubts he cries, 
    He is like a clown with eyes lit by the distant moon distant, 
    He listens like an amazed child,
    Such beautiful stories about a saving light, 
    And a door leading into a universe that is invisible. 

    Patience ....

    My three butterflies.

  10. There isn't much of myself that feels free from my own history and there isn't many that want to take the journey with me, pick it apart and shine a light on it. I feel close to death inside of me because when you are so numb with sadness, someone could touch you and you wouldn't feel a thing. Sometimes people talk to me and I am just not there...I am trapped within a memory that will not be erased. And you can share with someone that pain, but sometimes even they can only take so much and they walk away and you are no better off. Love to all just wanting to find a voice and a kind ear...XXX


    This is a link to a song that I wrote after reading Don Miguel Ruiz's "Voice Of Knowledge".
    The kernel of truth from that book grew into the lyrics of "Truth Of A Child".

    May it be of use to you.

    Ed Clark
    Nashville, TN

  12. Thanks for writing again! I check back every once and while to see if you post and voila! Glad to hear your doing well.

  13. I must be stupid, I just got that you your were in the Wraith....Thank you for being in one of mt favorite movies and god bless you in your life. Thank you!

  14. Hi Sherilyn, I hope this message finds you well. I stumbled across your blog a few days ago and have been reading your words ever since. I just want to say thank you for speaking and sharing your truth. So many of the thoughts and ideas you vocalized have been things that I myself have struggled to deal with at times and still do. I couldn't help but feel comforted to know that someone else, especially someone I admire as much as you, has felt and thought many of the same things. As a child and even a young adult I always thought there was something wrong with me because I feel everything much deeper than others. Your words felt like that of a kindred spirit and I cannot thank you enough for sharing them. You are truly a wonderful example of a strong and independent woman that a young woman like myself can aspire to. In a male dominated world it is nice to know that women like you exist.

    Thank you for the beautiful gift of your words and the lovely Audrey Horne. You are truly an inspiring and amazing woman. Perhaps one day our souls will cross paths.

    Until then,