Monday, April 25, 2011

silly, negative and sad people.

This is a filtered blog to protect sherilyn from the random ugliness that comes in. She does not read your vomitous comments, I do and she never sees them so don't waste your time.

Your ugly comments say all I would never want to know about you......go away lost soul.....

God bless.....

one of her many guardian angels

p.s. sorry to those who are friends of this space but someone tried to attack her...again.


  1. I love you Sherilyn!

    "The sun shines and warms and lights us and we have no curiosity to know why this is so; but we ask the reason of all evil, of pain, and hunger, and mosquitoes and silly people." ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

  2. Sad that some people have nothing better to do with their time than spread hate. Love and respect to Sherilyn.

  3. Yet again?? Oh, Sweet Sherilyn..You give us such warmth, love & light..I can not understand why this continues to happen to you. Please do not let the evil of other people steal ANY joy from you. Your true fans, friends, and family love you very much, and at the end of each day..that's all that truly matters.
    Much Love,

  4. Dear Sherilin!

    When I have seen you for the first time about 15-20 years ago, in the mid-nineties, your beauty and natural grace have taken hold of all my heart. You are a fine actress and the remarkable woman. With your films into my life has entered so much feminity and light! I Take an opportunity to express you the deepest gratitude and admiration. Your surprising postcards only have strengthened me in opinion that you are a many-sided person and very talented person, and the present talent shouldn't be earthed (at us, Russian, there is such saying: "do not bury the talent"). I trust in you, Sherilin, I believe that you can really write improbable on sincerity, deep on sense and the shrill book on expressiveness. Your energy and natural gift will help you. You have everything to realize your treasured dream living in you for a long time already.

    It is a pity that you don't have time for a blog (if I have correctly understood and has translated from English penultimate your note - To blog or not to blog...). Your stories – a drink of vivifying air for choking with an intellectual asthma, throats of fresh water for people dying of spiritual thirst! Personally to me your creativity (and films, and postcards) has helped to see beauty of true humanity, inexhaustible depth of female soul to find belief in the person with a human face.

    I can't find enough of suitable words to express the relation to you. And not only because I English language for me not native (I'm russian). One thought that you, probably, will read these lines me to quail and become silent. I too, as well as you like to write. On the one hand, it is caused by specificity of my speciality (I'm the philologist), on the other hand, I considered and I consider that self-expression in a word is a creative requirement of the creative, creative person. At one time I even had a thought to write about you (my favourite actress) the book – have so strongly grasped me the images created by you. I thought: such woman as Sherilin, should have life not less interesting, than its heroines on the screen and will tell about it to people very interesting! But when I esteemed your biographic notes, I have understood – nobody will tell better about your life, than you! And I know about you too little. As though I wanted to read your book when it will be finished! Not I wouldn't read one book with the great pleasure!

    If will allow, Sherilin, at me to you two requests:

    1) Conduct further the blog, please! You don't represent, what it will be for loss for your admirers! For me personally was MIRACLE possibility to communicate to you, to read your wonderful postcards. Don't deprive of us this hope, Sherilin!

    2) Perhaps, it will seem to you too impudent (or naive) for my part, but I wanted to ask you to estimate my literary abilities (if those, of course, are available). Come, please, if you have time, for my blog and estimate my article (it while at me the first!) your estimation will be for me the most expensive review which I received in the life for scientific and literary works!

    Last note – silly, negative and sad people – has caused in me shock. I don't represent, who could do harm to such woman, as you. Who it wouldn't be, it not the person … God will punish it. And I on behalf of all admirers (yes they will forgive me this impudence) our road favourite, unique Sherilin want to tell: WE LOVE YOU, SHERILIN! Don't throw and don't forget us, dialogue with YOU is such pleasure! This happiness!! Yes god, Sherilin stores you!! Good luck to you in all your undertakings!.. I will be prays for you …

  5. Just sadness. That you cannot just share without grammatical violence seeping into all that is pure. It seems you cannot have a space these days which truly remains untainted. Cher XX

  6. Guardian Angel, please tell Sherri she needed to find inside herself and in our admiration the strength to deal with the mean parts of the world.
    Live in the Light.

  7. Frankly..... why are some people always so mean ?? especially hiding behind their computer.

  8. Well Ms. Sherilyn, I'd say YOU'RE THE MAN. B'coz those ugly comments made by stupid people reflect on them, not on you. Keep it up and God Bless.

  9. Sorry to hear about the recent "attacks!"

    I just wanted to get on here and say, Happy Mother's Day Sherilyn! Have a wonderful day! :-)

  10. Ok who on God's earth would attack Sherilyn? That makes me mad. She is one of the most beautiful, genuine people in creation. So screw anyone who thinks otherwise!!!

  11. I'm not exactly famous, but I certainly get my share of derogatory, nasty and obnoxious comments - mainly on my youtube channel... idiots aren't too selective when it comes to insulting others.

    I usually just censor them/block them and not take it personally.
    I figure they're really just acting out, crying for attention, reacting to negative programming they developed growing up etc etc...

    In other words, I practice compassion... well, compassion with a censor button, lol.

    Sherilyn, I just found this blog after looking you up while watching Wraith on hulu (one of those films you probably blot out from memory),
    but it's silly fun nostalgia to watch something from the 80s once in a while.
    And you are just so darn cute in it. I first discovered you from Twin Peaks.

    Funny, you are one of those rare beauties that I don't always recognize from film to film... until I check the beauty mark - then it's like - a-ha! It IS her. duh...

    Hope you and your family is doing great!