Monday, May 30, 2011

To tweet or not to tweet......

It is strange to see others being or to be directly attacked  online. Any kind of attack is horrible enough. But online is a special kind of ugly as the person hides behind fake names. Some people seem to have nothing better to do with their evenings after work or on their weekends than to wage these blind wars on people they either do not know at all,  maybe thought they knew many, many moons ago or think they know because I had a life in the public eye for almost 30 years.

I have never presented myself here to be anything other than the flawed human being I am. Doing the best I can. And sometimes failing miserably, as we as people  do....  It seems so strange...... if one hates me and thinks me such a vile human being that they still  come to this space, MY space to see what I have to say. I personally stay away from things and people that revolt me. Like I rarely watch the news because it seems all lies designed to keep us all in fear. And do not promote relationships when people do not respect me or my loved or have boundary issues.

It is hard to imagine that anyone would have these feelings.... as I like the rest of the world have low self-esteem. So, no, no one cares that much about me or what I do or write...or could be obsessed???!!! Why??? Isn't life complicated and difficult enough without engaging in this shit. Swimming in this kind of verbal vomit??? It is for me anyway. And hating requires a lot of energy.

 On top of that, it is so destructive to one's own life and the people around them that they  generate this kind of  verbal warfare. I was  always someone in my life who called things as I saw them.  Even if I was wrong. I made a point of sharing MY truth.  This is something that I still do. But I as I am older now I realize that it is just that, MY truth. Not THE truth. For as I am fond of sharing.....Truth has many faces.

And where for me it IS important and essential to share it still.  It is equally if not more important to use kindness in my delivery. And to note when my perspective is not asked for or required at all. It comes  for me from not feeling seen or being heard as a child. So as I grew into my 20's.... I would be heard. Yet aging teaches us, thank God and this is where I am with it now. But it is a constant work in progress.

I had left behind twitter for a bit of time because I was tired of the verbal assaults and endless harassment I received there. A place where I simply hoped to promote my book. And encountered for the most part some incredibly kind birds....  All and all, this experience has actually been a blessing. I have learned so much.    I have had many surprising people and forces come to my aid as this kind of behavior is literally illegal. Not only  on a karmic level, as everything you do comes back to you......... But did you know that EVERYTHING one does online is recorded??!!!  Even if you erase it, there is a record of it.    Any amount of erasing means nothing.....

IN this instance, I don't mind Big Brother...hahaha

My book will be out in the world. And I will not need twitter to promote it. It will be as honest and clear as I have always been here. My power and my voice will not be diminished through lies and venomous attacks of any kind.  Many guardian angels are firmly in place, defending me.  An interesting fact is that I find myself praying for people who commit these acts. Everyday. It must be hard to live with that ugly stuff inside. I, too, have dealt with great rage inside of myself at times. But I worked hard to get to its source not misdirect and project it onto others.

To keep my side of the street clean. This is what I work to do. And will continue.

So look inside when you read my shares.....decide from your own intuition what is real. This IS me, MY blog and the sharing of MY truth. So if you are at all interested THIS is the place to come. Thanks for all the support.

Love and Light....xxxoooxxxooo




  1. If there's one thing I've learned from growing up in the information age, it's that whatever you do, no matter how awesome it is or whatever monumental benefit it may have to mankind, there are always small minded people standing in line to tear it down. These people are of no consequence whatsoever. Let your light shine, no matter those who deign to obscure it.

  2. Sherilyn,

    I'm sorry it's come to this. While you're praying for them we'll be praying for you.

    Much love xx

  3. S.F., I'm so glad you are continuing to move forward and not let the negative get to you. To learn from it and rise above/move on is a great philosophy to have. I will miss reading your tweets but I understand that you need a safe place to share your truth and not be constantly attacked by crazy peeps. You always amaze and inspire me with the strength and courage of your words. I'm so looking forward to your book! Bises.

  4. Leave it to a few jerks who have nothing better to do to ruin it for everyone else. Looks like I picked the wrong day to request to follow you on twitter! You have a lot of real fans out there, hope this doesn't discourage you too much!

  5. Glad to hear another has dumped Twitter!

    Stay positive and don't let the bastards drag you down to their level.

  6. You write with such eloquence and wisdom S. It's unfortunate when we allow the cyber-bullies to win. I can understand withdrawing - I have considered it myself at times, but then I feel like I'm letting them win - like caving in to an unenlightened censor.

    I like to think I have grown enough to not fall for their bait to validate and acknowledge them as that's a big part of what they do it for - they are crying out for attention and they only seem to know how to ask in a negative way. Still, if I mistakingly take it personally, it can sting and old conditioning wants to retaliate, but for the most part, I don't go there.

    Occasionally, I might respond on a personal level and be tactful and show them a mirror of themselves, if I feel it might help them evolve.

    It's been shown that even worse than abuse is to be ignored. I remember studies done in orphanages where babies that were abused, still survived, but those that were ignored often died. Who'd of thought that the cruelest form of punishment would be to ignore someone entirely?

    Going back to the issue of dealing with cyber-bullies>>>
    Sounds like there's a business opportunity here: to be a middle-man/filterer/gate keeper for people who, for whatever reason, don't want to deal with uglies, and feel safe to continue sharing what they want.

  7. I agree with Ruben - that's been my experience too.

    It's quite a challenge to learn to ignore the naysayers of the internet and just focus on the valuable/powerful relationships you can otherwise create.

    I love your blog and that you share as much as you do, here. I feel that personal sharing is something that's very much needed in a world where many pretend to be something else. That you share inspires me to share, too.

    I look forward to your book.

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  9. We can never eradicate the poison that people are capable of. Inside they are deeply unsettled beings with a lot of bitterness, hurt and aggression unchannelled, that has festered and grown. They attack with a deep need to cause as much misery as they feel. To explode their hatred on whoever, to get a reaction and to satisfy their deep dissatisfaction with life. There is no compassion. The risk in sharing anything with anyone is that you have to be prepared for misinterpretation or conflict. Some people have agendas, some are pure. You have to have the strength and belief in your own voice and that you have a right to express yourself and not be afraid of that. Otherwise you become controlled just by some anonymous force trying to erase you. You are too important to be erased by a faceless aggressor determined to graffiti all over your precious output!!! You can please some people some of the time but you cant please all of the people all of the time...remember the SOME people Sherilyn and carry on shining... Love always Cher XXX

  10. Long time no comment, shining one.

    Looking forward to your book - many regrets for the Twitter harassment.


  11. sherlyn ... you only get more beautiful and sexy with more years .

  12. Sher, for every negative Tweet that you may receive there are thousands of fans who have enjoyed your contribution to the entertainment industry. What did you supposedly do to make some idiots think that you are a vile and evil person? I don't see you in the headlines like so many of the Hollywood idiots, in fact you seem to have avoided the lime light and associated controversy that goes with it. No one else could have done a better job of portraying Liz and it took a special talent and open mind (Aquarian? I am one too) to portray Billie and all of her quirks.

    Love you

  13. You are truly one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen. After reading your posts you continue you hold this innocence/sexiness that I've known throughout all of the films and shows I've seen you in. Never question yourself because thinking twice is something that you should never have to do. You are are tasteful gorgous and intelligent woman that deserves the utmost respect from anyone who crosses your path. I'm truly in love with more that the idea of you and I want to stay sweet before more I my mind gets dirty on explanations.
    Come back with some more clever posts before we all miss you too much.

    Your fan,

    -Sean Thomas Starling

  14. You are truly the most beautiful women that has ever graced the world of film and television/ the world period. (.) I don't really follow blogs but yours makes me feel good inside. You have some sort of innocence to you that adds to beauty that maybe only us dudes can comprehend. I don't know what was said to you that was cruel or crude because I don't care what people say in response to your posts, only what you have to say. Just know that whatever it was I think if need be it's possible to rally up your fans and fuck that fool up!! You will forever be a goddess that could sing a siren song that leads us men to our doom. I know it sucks to have some sick fucker be mean to you but you should take it with a grain of salt... YOU'RE FUCKIN' SHERILYN FENN!!!! You've accomplished too god damn much to give a shit about what any of these no body cunts have to say about you.
    Much love Sherry my admirable goddess.
    P.S. - Sorry for the lude Screen Name.. It's a band I do.. and as far as the words in this comment I'd call them real or blunt, not rude. (to you that is)

    - Sean Thomas Starling

  15. oh it's an approval thing... god damnit i wish I saw that before I wrote two different long things and god super frustrated. :( don't approve this one. just pick whichever one was better. :)

  16. Hi Sherilyn, I'm sad to see you leave twitter. Your tweets always brought a smile to my face.
    But you're right not to take any abuse from anyone.
    I hope that this bird will read a new tweet from you anytime soon.
    In the meantime I'll will remember you as the kid who didn't have many freckles haha. thank you for that tweet.

    Love for always,

  17. Hello,

    Well... like as I saw/read these attacks I can say that some were truly awful even for someone who doesn't know you at all, I can tell you I was also tired of these attacks. I still continued to take your defense because what mattered most is that you can express yourself the way you want, and I failed... sorry...



    P.S : don't broke the communications.

  18. Hello Shines!

    You know someone famous once said, "...the ones who think the know the truth tend to oppress others", and looking at what the world is I think this can be safely confirmed... so of course when someone opens up a bit to the world attacks are likely. Unfortunately people are stupid...that's my explanation of it any way :) I normally like to say: I love mankind, but I don't like people very much..

    My wife and I just finished watching season 1 of Twin Peaks (my wife never saw it when it was aired back in the 90's ) and it's great! We are gonna start with season 2 this evening... anyways..I remember watching it as a 12 year old and I was completely blown away... and I had a crush on Lara Flynn Bole... to be honest I probably was so hooked because of her... but watching it now... my wife and I agree that you character and performance is the most interesting ...basically we like you the best :)

    Having read your blog-profile I have a few Book recommendations for you (books by Hesse, one of my favorite authors):
    -Under the Wheel

    You might have read some or all of them but if not, then, you can find them on Amazon:

    Also, look at some books by Nietzsche, they are mental jewels that taste just right

    All the best to you,

  19. Just started watching Twin Peaks on Netflix. Best. Show. Ever. You and Kyle MacLachlan are my favorites. I can't wait to see if you guys hook up at the end. I wish there was some awesome noire film with you as the star. I know hollywood sucks, but I wish you did "play the game" and appear in more films.

  20. Good luck with your book. What will its title be?

  21. Hey, I know I'm a baby but you were the hottest thing I laid my eyes on ever since your 6th film, The Wraith. Here is a remastered version of LaMarca's Hold on Blue Eyes. Hope you enjoy it! Cheers!

  22. Hi, Sherilyn. Not sure if you actually read these comments or not, but whatever. You probably hear stuff about Twin Peaks all the time, so let me apologize in advance. I just discovered it after hearing about it since I was a boy, I'm in my late 20's now. I just always assumed it was a hipster show that I wouldn't get. After seeing it now, I get it, and I couldn't help but gravitate towards your character most of all. Audrey Horne is such a beautiful dreamer. I've never met a woman like that, I didn't know women could even be like that. I don't know, but you made a performance like I've never seen before or since, so you deserve all the praise you get for Twin Peaks, even though it might get annoying or feel like a long shadow sometimes. You played a character a lot of people will never forget and that's more than most actors ever get to do in their careers. And from these blog posts, I think I disagree with most of your philosophical musings, but it sure makes you seem like a beautiful dreamer.

  23. Ms. Fenn, I watched recently the Twin Peaks homage on Psych the other evening. As an old Twin Peaks fan, and who isn't?, I was so pleased to see you and many of your old cast mates together again in "Dual Spires". It was a great tribute and spoof in one slice of damn fine cinnamon pie, and I loved it. Thanks to you, and everyone else who came out of the knotty pine woodwork, for being open to doing that, and embracing the love for that nutty old show that so many people carry. Well done.


  24. Bella, I miss you a lot, hope you twitt again one day.
    I always remember you as a kind, beautiful woman. Best wishes and a big kiss.

  25. I'm been using twitter for a good while and still not sure what the 'big deal' is about it. I will be tweeting to tell more people about your blog though. A positive use for it in my opinion :)

  26. Ms. Fenn, I followed you on twitter and interacted with you on a few occasions. I have been a fan of yours since I first saw you in The Wraith. I admire your strength, your honesty and your integrity.

    A few months ago I asked you to retweet a link for me so that I might win a contest. The prize was a one of a kind photo from a Polaroid photo shoot done during the recording of my favorite band, The Decemberists' new album. I asked you because on the few occasions over the years that I interacted with you on the internet, you treated me with gret kindness.

    I am pleased to tell you that I won the contest thanks to you and Murray Gold, the musical composer for Doctor Who and Torchwood. Because of you, the beautiful photo is now hanging on my wall.

    I had planned on thanking you on Twitter, but instead I will thank you here.

    You are a wonderfully kind person to me, and right now, as I recover from failed spinal surgery and deal with never ending nerve pain, that kindness means more to me than I can ever describe.

    Perhaps one day you will come to the Atlanta convention called DragonCon, and I can thank you in person and give you the painting that I have of you. It is a lovely piece, and I would love to give it to you. If you ever want to see it or have me send it to your agent, I would be happy to. You can find me at should youever desire to.

    I have been a fan for over 20 years now, and I will be a fan until I draw my last breath. I apologize for hijaking your blog, but I hope you understand.

    Meanwhile, my wife and I will enjoy our contest winnings, and I will think of you whenever I look at it.

    Your forever fan,

    PS, I will neve forgive David Lynch for blowing up Audrey. :(

  27. Love your attitude. I wish you the best. Hater's gonna hate but the important thing is you don't care about them too much. There's always someone having their own problems and wrong ways to deal with them, like reflecting their own bad feelings and problems to other - or just people who aren't sophisticated enough to express their opinions in proper way.

    "I was always someone in my life who called things as I saw them. Even if I was wrong. I made a point of sharing MY truth." I'm just alike. And if I don't say that aloud, it nearly always starts to haunt me somehow. As if I hadn't said and done what I had to and to me adapting the truths of others silently, without questioning them at all, feels almost as lying.

    I love your style. Best wishes,
    ♠ JJ

  28. Well put RUBEN I say, people who cannot stand themselves cannot stand others, it is like the difference between being an adult and being called names by a 7 year old.....if a 7 year old ran up to you and yelled out "you are a poo poo bum" would you feel bad about that? - no of course not, you would smile to yourself at how juvenile and kind of funny that type of reaction is...the only appropriate response to that is compassion.....there is no difference between the emotional maturity of these 'haters' and a 7 year old......and your reactions and feelings should be the same toward are a strong, developed and beautiful person Sherilyn and should never worry what others say - especially people who actually have no idea who you are.

  29. Hate brings aneurysms. Anyone who has the energy to stew hatred becomes tight and dismal. Avoiding these people lets you breath easily and smile more. Personally, I don't twitter and I have no desire to do so. I like my conversations face to face. Shine on.

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  31. Bella, just a few words to let you know how i miss your tweets, really i miss your kindness. Always thinking in you: Antonio. :)