Monday, April 4, 2011

To blog or not to blog.....

Beloved Readers,

I have gotten many inquiries as to why I have stopped writing. Out of thankfulness and respect to people that follow or just read my blog I am answering....

I am working on getting a book deal so that I can share these stories in a deeper and truer way. Much to the dismay of certain aunts in my family, there IS more to come. Here I have only scratched the surface.

So for now, I will not be blogging. That could change in 5 minutes. I give myself the right to change my mind at any point. But for now I am gonna work on a deeper revision of "Who cares if my aunt is Suzi Quatro" and submit it to publishing houses. Not that she will be the center of my story because truly....who cares???!!!! But because it is one that touches deepest my soul, up until now.

I have been doing a lot of seeking and growing in my day to day life. Now I am ready to begin this, the deepest journey of my life to date.

Please say a prayer for me and light a candle. It scares me to do this work and yet it beckons and demands I do it  all at the same.

Thank you for following. Thank you for reading. Whenever I come to your mind, please affirm:
Sherilyn is in process with writing an incredible, deep and true book. It will be a bestseller.

That energy coming to me will help the most.

I do not have the fatal flaw of cowardice. It's time......

All my love,


  1. Can't wait for the book! You are a very raw and honest writer. I'm sure it'll be great!

  2. Sherilyn, I support you completely with this idea, I think it's time for you to let the people know how a wonderful person you are, with sucesses and mistakes, like every human being. I absolutely think you're going to be just fine. And a lot of people love what you do, especially me, I could say you're my favorite actress and one of the most honest person I know.

    Thank You. You really help me think about life.

    Good luck, and so long. :-)

  3. "Sherilyn is in process with writing an incredible, deep and true book. It will be a bestseller."

    I admire your confidence and determination. Good luck with this endeavor!

  4. Nice ! I came across your blog thru reading your blogs about your times wih Prince which was amazing. Not just the fact that you had spent time with this musical genuis (yes im a huge prince fan!). But they way you wrote and told the story was more amazing! You are truly talanted and gorgeous (those eyes. Ohhh lawd!) please keep us posted and im sure it will be a best seller when its out! Wow its my bday today (4-4-1969) and I couldnt sleep (im a work house. I work in the film and television industry in nyc. Behind the cameras of course!) and bootd up my iphone went on and read a story about you and was directed to your blog! Really great stuff! God bless and may your wishes becoke reality

  5. You're an inspiration, best of luck Sherri!

  6. S.F.,
    I'm sending you lots of love and good thoughts for your writing process. I know it'll be terrific. You are an amazing writer, actress and human being.
    In the nearly two years that I've been following your blog/shares, I have grown tremendously in my life. A lot of this positive growth has come from the inspiring things that you have written. Nearly all of your entries have touched me on very deep levels, and I will always be so grateful for that.
    I am also grateful for the shares/blog of Dylan and his deeply truthful and inspiring words.

    Thank you again. Bises.

  7. Aw, I just found this blog. Obviously, I'm sad that you're no longer going to blog here but I do look forward to your books. Good luck!

  8. Dear Sherri, I'm sure your book would be great, sincere and successful. Forget the ugliness, you're too talented even as a writer. Live in the light.

  9. I have read your blog from the beginning. I have always thought u to be a very talented writer. It's about time!!(on the book I mean) It's time to let the world see & I will be the 1st one to buy it. Sending good thoughts and wishes your way.... Best of luck to u..
    Chris Krenz-Kammer

  10. Cool. And I think it's better to go for it, than to wonder "what if." Congrats!

  11. Hello Sherilyn,

    How thoughtful you are to keep us posted as to your great endeaver. I will be one of the first ones to purchase your book. I will researve it on Amazon and count the days. You are a sweetheart and don't let anyone ever get the best of you. Your truth needs to be told and God bless you ever so much more. Please keep us posted here or on twitter. This is really great news. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

    God bless,

    Sandy Spencer

  12. I thought about you the other day! I am glad that you are doing well! Good luck with your book.

  13. Awesome! Very considerate to give us an update. I wish I could preorder the book now:) Best of luck!

  14. "An incredible, deep and true" song suggestion for your meditation as you write "an incredible, deep and true book": 'Holding Back the Years' by Simply Red. It always brings tears to my eyes, and tears bring forth clarity - and truth.

  15. Will continue to miss your blog posts but can't wait to read a book! It's like a blog times 10 :-) Good luck!

  16. Hi Sherilyn! I am a girl from Finland and I am probably your biggest fan ever. I hope you never stop writing your blog, I will miss you if you do.. You are my inspiration and I love you <3 Love, Sanna

  17. And dear Sherilyn, when you have your book finished, please come to Finland so I can meet you <3 Love, Sanna

  18. Wow. I loved your character in Twin Peaks so much. I can't believe I found your blog. I haven't read anything yet but I definitely plan on it now that I have found it. Awesomesauce!!! Expect many comments from me in the future, my love. (You are so beautiful, btw!!!)

  19. Like I said before, all the 'Peakheads' will get your book, myself included. Best of luck. You have a lot to say.

    Liked that 'Psych' episode. You 'died' again. lol Although the urban legend is that Audrey survived the bank explosion, recovered and went to LA. ????


  20. :-)

    nothing, just wanted to write something ...

    big fan.

  21. Hii!!!

    Almost a year and a half since we are discussing here and there, and you have made me think about many things (although I don't show this).
    And, most importantly on two things: "In what I really believe?" and "How to make a memoir?".
    I know that you think I'm stupid ( :-P ), but I told myself that if I had to leave something behind me and which look like me, what I'm inside, I had to write in what I really beleive (univers, human beings, nature, etc.). And not be influenced by others authors!!!

    If I don't do it (there is a time for each thing - and I think this is the good time for me -) or all those things will stay in my head, and that ain't good - like a stick more and more big in my head, - so stop! - .
    And that it would be my "memories"shared (if they want) to the others.
    So, I recently bought 5 note books, 1 bag, 2 pens (7 mm) and some pencils. Since it takes me 2 years or 10 years to write something and for think "it's a done thing!" (because I write with "codes") , this will take time to me...
    I think, for me, of being read by people or not : "I do not care!".

    So, a big 'THANK YOU!'

    Write, write : I would read it :-)
    Oh! and please... make translate your memoir in french :-) and you, please, come in France :-P


  22. Well
    firstly I am disappionted as I just found your wonderful blog.
    Only to find that you may not be posting for the for-see-able future!
    Just my luck.
    Thank you for the body of work
    I think you are an amazingly Talented artist.
    and I enjoyed Twin Peaks because you were in it mostly..
    you have the most amazing eyes and eye brows!!!!
    and lets not forget the pleated skirts and shoes.
    the most memorable audrey dance...
    all the best and I hope you do get a book out as I will buy a copy
    kenneth jones

  23. Dear Sherilyn, I just found your blog yesterday for the first time and I am quite sad that for the time being it is finished--you write gracefully and I'm really happy that you have written so much already. Well, I have some catching up to do at least. Hope the book comes to pass. Best luck & love--

  24. Make peace with all that's within wanting to get out. Afterwards...each breath you take feels much easier than it used to. Cher XX

  25. Sending you positive, sunny, flowery, powerful energy vibes to assist you in achieving your goal. Can't wait to see what comes next. All the best xxx

  26. I will look forward to reading the book but I hope the blog will continue as well. Best wishes.