Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Rumi says it clearest.

"Each interprets my notes in harmony with his own feelings. But not one fathoms the secrets of my heart."


  1. that's how you feel in the world ... yes?

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  3. I guess that's what makes them secret. However as we control who we let in our hearts, Rumi made a choice it seems to lose faith which is easily done

    Life, for so many people revolves around themselves and the people they know but life is everything and so much more then our wildest imagination.

    It can take forever but no ones ever thinks it wasn't worth it when it happens for them but it takes alittle faith to keep believing

  4. I do believe that it's this which makes the peculiarity of each of us and what makes us unique, but I am not sure about that for me...

  5. Interesting quote. I'm still trying to process it. Not at all familiar with Rumi, so I need to enlighten myself. Thanks for sharing, Sherilyn.

  6. "Each interprets my notes in harmony with his own feelings"
    That is because most people are selfish. Most people wear a constant mask and use it to see how far they can get (be it in terms of money or material possessions) in their life before they inevitably die, disregarding everyone else's feelings around them as they go about their mission.
    "But not one fathoms the secrets of my heart"
    Because as close as people think they get to a lover, the above mask-wearing rule dominates their existence. When they see a chance to advance to another level in life, they move on. The only problem is, they don't understand that what they're chasing is the impossible - so nothing is ever a good enough reason to be happy with what they've got.

  7. Hi Sherilyn, hope everything is going great. Umm, I went to your wireimage page, and saw a pic of you and Chris Penn at the premiere of Nine. WOW, that was 25yrs ago!!!

  8. I wonder what he meant by this. I'd be interested to know what you think the meaning of this quote is. I think individual interpretations truly are in harmony with our personal feelings. Every time I read this quote it reads differently. No wonder Osho loved Rumi so much, and why Rumi continues to inspire so many. Sometimes it makes me sad that I cannot share the most secret parts of myself with others, but those things seem to be impossible to articulate. I wonder if that's what he was talking about? That the things he could utter aloud were open to interpretation, but that his essence was essentially personal and impossible to articulate.

  9. Yes, it seems difficult to interpret other peoples notes in any way other than my own. The secrets of my own heart, which can be just as difficult to intepret, is just as unique as the hearts of others. Our differences is what makes us each special. Sharing our uniqueness is what makes life interesting.

    Thanks for sharing.

  10. In you is the illusion of each day.
    You arrive like the dew to the cupped flowers.
    You undermine the horizon with your absence.
    Eternally in flight like the wave.

    -Pablo Neruda

  11. i really love this quote. it expresses what i felt but was unable to say.. just nice

  12. I am always move and inspired by what you readers feel and share in your posts. It is so inspiring to have this feedback and a place to contribute peoples thoughts. I cannot thank you enough.

    with love,

  13. sherilyn-who-shines:

    it is truly mutual. there have been times your words have brought a few tears to these eyes. and i am sure there are others. you are forging a path ahead in your own life and in breaking through the lying masks celebrity culture urges all to don. you're a pioneer.

    with love,

  14. "I haven't the foggiest idea if it is enough not to lie to be sincere".
    I found this sentence in the book I'm reading and I liked it.


  15. Sherilyn,

    I have to commend you. You have the willingness to open up your heart, feelings, experiences, and thoughts to the world to read. That is most certainly NOT easy for anyone to do...but you do it and don't appologize for it.

    I have followed your film career and the little that has been written about your life since it began. I have always wondered what you were really like...not the movie star, but Sherilyn. Your "shares" are simply amazing to read. I would have never thought in a million year that I would get the opporunity to get to know you on such a level. How very intoxicating it is to read so much more into your life than just past magazine articles and Internet biographies. Your life journey so far seems like a whirlwind, no less. Hearing your struggles, the good times, the bad, and everything in between lets me know that you are a REAL person and your truth is incredibly refreshing to me.

    Thank you thank you thank you for all that you have done and all that you will do...


  16. The "notes" are often a self-portrait. But each person finds a little of themselves in a song written by the artist.

    So, while it's true that we don't reveal a big part of ourselves, it's fortunate that most of our revelations resonate in some way with our audience.

    That means we're never really alone. We all share the human condition.