Sunday, January 31, 2010

Follow my mans blog!!!

I love this man, his words, his shares. He only just started, chck it out and enjoy.


Sending love...


  1. I saved it to my favorites, it's just below your blog! I wanted to say I enjoy reading your blog! Wishing you a happy birthday for tomorrow, mine was today! ;)

  2. How did you meet Dylan? He sounds like an amazing person. I'm so happy you have him in your life. Sending you lots of bright stars for your special day!

  3. Dylan has good words, good intentions, good works.

    Have to give him some comments on how fortunate it was for me to have seen many of the guitar greats in person - a result of me being a teen in the 1960's and very stable and loving parents.

    I also have a circle of friends who meet regularly for purposes of collectively pondering ways in which we may be able to move our lives foward in more rewarding manners. After all, there is nothing quite like the light and warmth you feel from those who have been positively influenced from your good works.

    Hope your having/had a great visit with your siter.


  4. I just wanted to wish you a very Happy Birthday today Sherilyn! Hope your day is wonderful!


  5. I will be looking forward to reading both of your blogs. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday and many more. God bless, Sandy

  6. Hi Sherilyn, we're watching Twin Peaks in your honor - happy birthday. Cheers, and thanks!

    a fan (tol foster)

  7. There are a million things I'd love to write to you about how wonderful your blog is, how influential you've been in my life, how I actually squeed out loud when I read that you love Kate Bush (she is my favorite). I've always felt like I've known you but how do you tell that to an actress without sounding like a stalker? The answer is you can't really. I've left this comment way back here because I don't yet have the courage you do and don't like people reading much about me for my own reasons. I'd love to correspond with you but not out here wide out in the open. Just know that I'm part of your tribe and wishing you the best always.