Thursday, January 28, 2010

My quest...

To discover who she is, a woman must descend into her own depths. She must leave the safe role of remaining a faithful daughter of the collectives around her and descend to her individual feeling values. It will be her task to experience her pain...the pain of her own unique feeling values calling to her, pressing to emerge.

To discover who she is, a woman must trust the place of darkness where she can meet her own deepest nature and give it voice...weaving the threads of her life into a fabric to be named and given...sharing it with the women around her as she comes to a true and certain sense of herself.

Quote from "Circle of stones. A woman's journey to herself." by, Judith Duerk

This book changes lives, I am rereading it again. It is my quest....

With Love


  1. I have read many books with similar themes thru the years and they certainly helped me take the path down the deal with my demons and sort thru the illusions to the truth.

    I hope you discover more truth's and have solace from what you continue to find in your quest.

    May your upcoming Birthday be filled with happiness.


  2. This book sounds really interesting. Thank you for enlightening with the quote. Happy (a few days early) Birthday!

  3. Reminds me of the ancient myths of Inanna, who journeyed into the underworld. Stripped of title, crown, jewels, even flesh. Losing her "self" it seems she became the core.