Thursday, December 3, 2009

The mask continues to come off. A rant.

So last night I made the mistake of taking in some judgemental comments about the fact that I am sharing my DIRECT experience with PRN. It was frankly the first negative feedback I have gotten. Although oddly enough the reader kept reading and felt the need to leave four posts, two on two different blogs.

That it upset me so much simply speaks to a habit which is not great of mine. To dismiss the good that is said or seen in me and masturbate with the bad. Keep in mind, it was the only person who wrote ugly things. So I thank the person who shared because I got to see another part of myself to work on.

I promised myself I would not read comments for this very reason and am contemplating not reading anymore. But that would give them and my false beliefs about myself too much power. I will simply continue as I did with the one in question and gladly DELETE these judgements. Because, you see, this is MY blog and I share on it MY truth. And last time I checked I live in America where I am allowed to do so.

What I have shared so far has not disparaging in any way. So I put out my disclaimer to all who visit this site that I did in my very first blog. I say that if what I write is a problem for you, simply do not read. I will continue to share my truth about PRN and the many other subjects that I have addressed with unwavering honesty. If you do not have something nice to say don't.

I would share that in my experience, one should take their laser like analysis of others and put it on themselves. I experience in my life that people do so much projection of their own issues onto others. I once heard and never forgot: The bigger the reaction, the more personal the material. A good thing to keep in mind.

I also feel it is a time on the planet where we are all needing to look at and deal with our own personal stuff. You know, the stuff conscious and unconscious that informs everything we say and do. The stuff we avoid or where a mask to pretend it does not exist.... I feel it is wise to get clean and clear. I am fond of saying that we can do it with willingness and grace, or be pulled along kicking and screaming. But make no mistake, it is the sign of times and the current will pull you, like it or not. You make a choice of how that will look.

To put my focus on myself regarding my reaction to the ugly words...... I have always had insight and been beat up for stating it. I am the one screaming that the emperor is naked and speaking to the pink elephant in the room. It would never be my intention to hurt anyone. And I do not feel I have in this instance. Nor will I hurt myself by not honoring my truth and my desire to share it. I believe it is a uniting force. It is how I worked as an actress but I had to weave my truth between the lines of another. Now, I am discovering the courage to just say my truth with my own words and will not be silenced by judgmental and fearful people.

So to close, if you take issue with my words or story, it is very simple.....don't read it. And for all those who have read, followed and got it. I am eternally grateful to you all. You are assisting me forging a new path. One that is headed towards light. So thank you, thank you, thank you.

With much love and light.


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  2. I know it can be tough, but write for no one but yourself - that's not to mean that you shouldn't care if others don't read your work, but the only way to stay true to one's self (especially when writing and expressing personal things), is to literally write and express what you feel is true, and to write it in the form that YOU (and only you) find to be your true voice. That's what will make it your own, your art, and your voice.

    Those that understand your message, or find your work intriguing (as I do) will follow. Please continue writing, Sherilyn. I know that I for one, find your writing a great view on you - as a person who only discovered your blog two days ago (as a result of Twitter), I'm happy to get to witness what seems to be a transformation for you into a whole new art form. Thanks for your honesty as well - I know that I've found more than a few of your entries very relatable. Thank you for taking your time to write - and please continue to do it as long as you feel satisfied with it.

    It's your story - continue living it and writing it as you see fit.

  3. I can only agree with the comment above. Keep writing the way you need to do! I really like your special way of writing.

  4. It seems inevitable that when blogging there will be a few haters. Like you, I just delete those comments. Why even discuss anything with someone so negatively minded.

    Thanks for sharing btw, I'm enjoying your posts.

  5. continue to speak your truth and don't listen to any negative back talk. you inspire me to write, make music and find light in my life. your blogs are pure rawness and i look forward to them so much.

  6. There seems to be a lot of quick-fire, uninformed judgement of others going on these days (though perhaps it's always been so). "First walk a mile in their shoes!", a friend of mine used to say. I, for one, am enjoying your posts very much.

  7. You know what I say 'F*CK'EM' obviously it spoke to them in such a way that they felt a need to comment on it. Whether it was negative or not...they spoke, which is what you want if you really have the desire to write on a grander scale.

    99.9% of negativity comes from envy.

  8. Thank you for sharing your insights about the times we live in, i.e. that we need to be looking at our own motivations. Also, it's brave to share your own reactions to criticism. Go, girl.

  9. Many thanks for the love and light Sherilyn! Right back at ya slim.

  10. amen sister. u said it well. what strength u are showing to not be silenced by the haters. there are many who love u and want to hear more so just forge ahead and stay true to yourself and your followers who love u.....u go girl.....

  11. I like what you've written and I really like your style. It's a rare person who can be both in the public eye and as open about things as yourself. I think some of us are using Twitter and Facebook and blogs as a substitute or addition to therapy and maybe it works, sometimes.

    As for the negative comments, I think you'll find if you leave them on the blog (assuming they aren't too personal) that your friends and supporters will speak up for you and support you.

    Keep on writing. You're quite good at it!



  12. I was -- ok, still am -- VERY susceptible to the mean-spirited "hater" comments, but it's so prevalent (and sad and pathetic). However, after I decided to *not* avoid them, I found myself feeling less and less distraught about them. I'm almost to the point of just feeling sorry for them. I agree that if you can bring yourself to leave them, you will have many defenders. Of course, sometimes it results in people just flaming each other and completely losing sight of the topic at hand...


    You write from the heart, with an amazingly honest insight. Don't stop, whatever you do.

  13. hey, your posts are refreshingly honest and a good read. I have experienced a great deal of negativity in my life just recently. I do take it to heart, it feels personal but I guess you make a choice, I choose to take it head on and try and be a better person for it. Keep going on your journey Sherilyn, u have lots of friends here. best. s

  14. You go girl! Don't listen to the haters. We're enjoying your writing!!

    P.S. It was fun to see your name on a movie I found saved on my Tivo the day after I discovered your blog :)

  15. It has been my experience that people who are judgemental are extremely unhappy and they should be shunned. I live by the rule, that just because I don't personally like something, that doesn't mean that someone else won't like it. We all relate differently to things but that doesn't make it wrong, it makes it honest.

  16. Sherilyn I just discovered your blog today...and what an amazing discovery it was! I find your writing truly inspiring on so many levels. Please continue to share your journey with us.

    - Priscilla

  17. Personally I think you should definitely continue writing, because (1) you're good at it, (2) you enjoy it and (3)you inspire others. These are just few of the many reasons why you should continue writing. By reading the comments you will be reminded how many people enjoy your blog and you'll be able to share in people's experiences.

    As for the negative comments, have you noticed that most of the comments are really positive? I guess as human beings for some reason we have a tendency to focus on the bad. It's like one tiny single negative comment can erase the euphoria of 10 positive inspiring comments.

    I'm not sure why that is. Why is it so easy sometimes to let one bad thing overshadow tons of good things? This reminds me btw of what my mr beau always says when I get upset with him over something trivial. He always asks me why I dismiss him so easily based on one trivial issue and forget about all the good things of our relationship.

    My first reaction was always to dismiss his question as nonsense. However, there is a truth in what he says. Why do I find it so easy to let one negative thing overshadow all the lovely things he does for me?

    I guess what I'm trying to say is that maybe we should more often take a moment to enjoy the positive things in our lives, whether it's a kind gesture by others or positive comments. Also, maybe we should believe in ourselves more so we can enjoy the positive things and leave the negative things for what they are without letting them erasing all the positive things.

    It's never nice to experience rejection, hurtful words and "attacks" that we experience as personal BUT we should filter them out and not let them linger on. It's very hard, but not impossible.

    Like many of your readers have said, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and honest opinion. It's really so rare to read genuine blogs. You're putting yourself out there and trust me, it's really really appreciated!!


  18. My advice is: Never empower a troll! Do not give trolls veto power over your writing. Or anything else for that matter. But you don't need me to tell you that, you already know it.