Friday, August 27, 2010

A sacred space.

As is usual I received a few comments that were bothersome that I would like to address in a blog. I want to reiterate for those new to this blog that it is MINE to do with it as I see fit. I realize that my being deeply honest is a threat to some, especially those who feel the need to wear a mask and hide their dirty little secrets. I do not choose to do that in my life. I am an open book and will write a memoir that is just that. Starting with my childhood and how that manifests in ways in my life. Here I post beginning seeds of that memoir.

To comment on what something may or may not do to my relationship is quite arrogant. My man actually wrote about the porno issue and his lack of ability to tell the truth on HIS blog before I did. He does not have the fatal flaw of cowardice.  Obviously he and I are on the same page. Some of you may choose to live your life another way and that is fine. Truth has many faces. But this is my face and my space to share. If it is offensive to you somehow, I suggest you just don't come here to read my truth at all. But to criticize, to tell me particular entry is more of a "talk with girlfriends" or a diary entry is ludicrous and only speaks to the manner in which you live your life.

In fact, I have an entry that is called Dear Dairy because that is my goal here, to share , with no holes barred. This is also how I live my life having been born into great lies and dysfunction. It is the people with this hush attitude that are part of the great die off that the world is experiencing. The fearful, don't let them see you sweat breed that is miserably asleep. I live to blast all that bullshit into pieces and for the most part have readers that are of the new breed that want to do the same. They are my tribe and I love and cherish their support.  They have responded with deep truths of their own and THAT is the forum I choose to set up here and inhabit.

So go back to the sleep, from whence you came. Go back to your cherished pornography, go back to your life with you cracked mask firmly in place. Good luck with it all. But stay off of this sacred space where my tribe and I share the real deal. It is our birth right to step into that truth, the only real power we have and will not be criticized by the likes of you. I will delete any messages that share this stale, old, dying point of view. As I did in the spoken of case.

We are the future in all the glory that is here and coming in daily. We all grow here and dance in the light of the truth. And yes that means we can see the cockroaches scrambling to hide in the darkness of their masks. But they better move fast because we will squash them if they try ti infect this new breed with their sleep and lies.

That is all for now......


  1. dammit! i love you! :)


  2. Your strength inspires me...If this woman that I have adored for years can share her life with us...I look at it as a gift..Screw the weak minded people who obviously have nothing better to do..I call them Succubus,Albatross,Emotional Terrorist..and I have had plenty of that type in my life..and I'm sick of it too..Thank you give me hope..and I love you, not just the actress I have adored for years..But, for the human being you ARE!

  3. I absolutely ADORE how honest you are on your blog. It's very refreshing to read and you are very courageous to do it!

  4. I suggest moderating your comments, deleting stuff you don't like (you're under no obligation to publish anyone else's comments) and not giving the jackasses the recognition they're craving...

  5. Sherilyn,
    Amazing what boundaries people will cross when hiding behind the mask of an I.P. address. (The internet)

    Share you r struggle, share your pain, you r doing it all in a most positive light--the fire burns bright. It needs to, so we can bury the past, just for today. (For me just for today. I can't do it any faster!)

    To the others who cut like a knife, give the lady her space. Hearing her words inspires me to stay afloat. The people maybe different but eh struggle is much the same. In other words, Same disease, different drug.

    Bring it on Sherilyn! Typing this makes me feel like I'm in a meeting!

  6. Your posts inspire me. Keep being honest about your life and I will keep reading.

    The people who come to this blog to support you will be the ones that stay with you on your entire journey.

    The people that just come here to make offensive and or ignorant comments will fall by the wayside as their hurtful crap falls on deaf ears.

    Keep it up, Sherilyn. We love and support you, and now are finally getting to know and understand you.

  7. Always supporting your honesty, your rawness and your willingness to look within (i.e. proud to be part of the "tribe"!). <3, Alexandra

  8. Dear Sherilyn,

    I would like to tell you a story from a remote East-European country about a singer who had everything one could wish for; talent, fame, wealth, beauty, loving husband, a beautiful baby boy... She had a perfect life. Almost....
    She did suicide on her 43th birthday.
    And we have learned, that all this perfection was a mask, a facade. The truth behind it is immense stress in an increasingly competitive world, fear of aging, which is dictated by the showbiz, untreated and well-hidden depression, tiredness...Perfection kills...
    The whole country is shocked by what has happened. The flow of emotions is so strong, that it looks almost tragicomic. People seem to enjoy the gruesome details of the suicide....On the other hand everybody is deeply affected and frightened by it. Her music in the's hard to explain to you because of the cultural differences...It was part of my childhood, part of our mental furniture. I listen to the light, dreamy melody, to her warm and comforting voice and I just realize the immense sadness in it. Disturbingly beautiful...
    I just thought, this story, which seems to repeat itself in different cultures, is one more justification of your attitude of expressing the woman, not the legend.
    With love.

  9. I ditto all the previous comments, Sherilyn. You inspire and shine light

  10. it's a sacred place and a sacred Sherilyn ;-)


  11. I agree with WendyB's comment.

  12. Hi! I am part of the public. Before coming here I only knew you from your roles in movies.

    I have read many of your posts. I can see that you are honest and clear. Anyone who comes here must respect your point of view.

    Anyone who has a negative opinion on your posts should first try to understand why that bad opinion is coming to their heads. It is much easier to point defects in other people than to be honest and brave enough to watch oneself in a mirror to find those defects.

    I was tempted to say "keep on writing!" but I am sure that you do not need assurance from outside as you are finding strength from inside. In spite of that I must say that I admire you... very much.

  13. I love this blog-you are incredible!=)
    Shanahan H.

  14. I really appreciate the candidness, the blunt honesty of your blog posts, and the thoughtfulness that goes into them, whether they are about your professional experiences or your reflections on what's on your mind and what's going on in your world. Initially I was drawn to your blog because I appreciated many of your performances, however I was pleasantly surprised by how varied your posts are and how unfiltered and refreshing they are. I encourage you to work on your memoir because I think it would be a great read.

  15. Your candor is so refreshing! Thank you for sharing your truth for those of us who do care to read/listen. Fine writing as well....

  16. I thought Betty White was my hero but damn girl! That was liberating.
    And this is a tribe that I would be proud to be a part of.


  17. Try and ignore the trolls. They will always look for confrontation and reaction. Particularly in a circumstance where someone has put themselves in a vulnerable position as you do with your posts, baring your insecurities with dignity and courage. I stumbled across your blog by accident, and have found it very engaging. Keep it up.

  18. Dear Sherilyn,

    I understand you very good! Delete these ugly colours from your magnificent picture of truth!
    Thank you for your light!

  19. Keep in mind mine and others offers to moderate comments, should they become too bothersome or even just too time-consuming. Unfortunately high profile bloggers, and bloggers who speak honestly often seem to find themselves targeted by the ignorant few with nothing better to do.

    Very much enjoying your blog.

  20. validation for me has yet to come so clear and fuckin directly and so to this i say COPY THAT CHIEF! TRUE BELIEVERS ALL THE WAY! (listen & love) ((bouncing souls))

  21. Alan Power

    Sherilyn our Shining Star

    As one of your tribe your memoirs inspire me on my own walk towards the light

    I have been guilty in the past of playing manipulative mind games and indulging in hidden agendas....but now I say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH !

    Now I seek the truth and loath those false BS veneers which society imposes upon us. As spiritual beings I believe we seek full expression by revealing and seeking the truth ... and as a result move closer to the light.

    Being a newbie to your blog I'm 'blown away' and inspired by your courage as you manifest the real you - a SHINING STAR

    Those repressed hypocrites will never dull your light.

    Love and Blessings AL

  22. Hey Sherilyn, you inspire me without me even knowing you. You have a positive effect on me wether I read what you write or I see you portraying something on the screen. You are a very honest person who's comfortable in her own skin and that makes me feel closer to my own truths i life. Love from Sweden, Helena