Monday, January 30, 2017


Good morning!

As of my birthday on Feb 1st, 2017 I will finally have a website that is amy inclusive with connections to my new blog, all social media, a current monthly newsletter  and a store as well....

Please subscribed stay in touch.

I value all of this my sacred family more than these mere words can express. I hope you will continue on this strange and beautiful journey with me for as long as God allows.

See you on the flip side.

With much gratitude and LOVELOVELOVE



  1. Happy Birthday! May you have many more!

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  3. Hi Sherilyn! Happy Birthday! I was also born 1 Feb 1965. I wish I could share my birthday cake with you!

  4. Happy belated Birthday! I'm a fellow Aquarian too! I've been reading your blog for years and now heading to your site! I follow you on IG too (avintagenerd) and I am looking fwd to all of your adventures in the future! Lots of hugs, Daffny

  5. Hi Sherilyn,I caught myself watching TwinPeaks for the first time over this past week.Great show. You remind me of a cross between the obvious a young Elizabeth Taylor and Vivian Leigh one of my all time faves.When watching and I am on season two I can't wait to see you on the screen. I am an aspiring writer,actor,director and am currently writing five scripts for film hopefully.I wish you well and hope everything is going well with you. Who knows maybe we will work together some day!I am only 44 so there is still hope for me lol. xo Take care, hopefully I made a new friend.

  6. Happy belated bday to my all time fave actress!

  7. Sherilyn,
    I loved you in Two Moon Junction. Please let me know if you are ever in Houston.


  8. Only now seeing this -- will scoot over to the new site and bookmark. Stay cool, SF!

  9. Omg! Of course you are and Aquarian! I'm Feb 7th! I just found your site and can't wait to check it out! So excited about tomorrow night!! Sending love! Tara

  10. Dear Sherilyn, I'd like to comment the blog on your website: Birds will fly,..

    Thank you for sharing these words. I'm truly mooved and inspired…what a wonderful way to overcome a frightening obstacle! It leads me to the the song "Fumbling towards ecstasy" by Sarah McLachlan, also a blossoming voice like yours. Take care and lots of love, Meena

  11. Thank you so much for expressing the love for your family that you do. It is beautiful to read those words in a time when many people seem to be afraid or embarrassed to show their true feelings. Kudos to you and good luck on the new blog!

    Lucius Cambell @ Skild