Friday, March 1, 2019

What IS fashion???

Heeyyyyyy !!!!! I am back and blowing up my blogs into the whole of my life. So yes I will still share what's going on in my journal-esque form but life is good and God is good all the time and all the time God is good.

So in my joy and newfound contentment because of God lets share and have some fun!!

Let's talk fashion.

Oh no, not that runway, what in and out, I'm 12 and posing on magazine covers fashion...

I mean the fashion that never gets old. The fashion that never dies. The fashion that needs nobody's approval or validation.

The honest fashion of  you being you!

As a child, I had a very distinct and unique sense of style. So desperate to fit in and be a part of a fallen world where originality is stomped out, laughed at and forbidden lest you simply step out of the lies of the tribe of wanna be clones. So I created my own unique look.

There are so many fashion statements that are cultural, geographical even psychological.

I beg of you escape from it all. The real soul inside of us all longs to be free.

Like when you were a child and you simply did not give a damn what anybody thought or said or did. We were all free back then. Free to play and dance and sing. I am pointing to us all turning and in fact running back to that part of us.

We  cannot enter the kingdom of heaven lest we be like children.  What does that mean. It means without self judgement, malice, self hate, self consciousness. Yes for others as well, but it really does begin with us.

Because when we are solidly who we are, truly loving ourselves and not caring or needing others validation.... that is when we are truly free.

Yes it is not easy in this fallen world. Yes it takes personal work. Yes it is swimming against the tide. But make like the beautiful salmon and do it. Soon there will be more and more of us truly authentic, happy, joyful people living this gift of life. All things worthwhile take some work.

Get over it, get on with it. A joyful, God intended future awaits you.

You inner child is yearning to be released from the prison she/he was put into with layers of cover the older we got. And when it doesn't have intervention and change we crystalize and get hard, bitter and remain unhappy and dissatisfied for the rest of our days.

So it is a new day !!!!! Lets have some fun. Most of this blog has gone from the inside out. And I will still explore that to was it is necessary.  Now I am gonna to also share going from the joyful outside in! Starting with the idea and lie of fashion.

I was on a set I worked on for a few years when one day my director and lead actor made an observation about me. They said: YOU THEME DRESS. I did not know what the hell they meant and asked them to explain further. They shared that my style was a non-style and was too eclectic to stick into one category. One day-they shared- you look like a surfer, the next a cowgirl, the next a Catholic school girl and the next a 1950's pin up girl.

At first this distressed me. Yes this was a famaliar observation, that I did not sort of 'fit in' and I thought about it a lot. Finally years later, praise and glory for the wisdom age brings, I realized that there are many parts to me.

That I don't fit into a box. (Boxing Helena) That it was ok to be who I am. And that from day to day depending on my mood, I DO dress in different ways.

I also realized that my dressing up in different ways was completely related to me as a child. Oh how I loved to dress up in different ways and pretend to be different people. All the stories I would make up in my mind and in my imagination. Yes, it was an escape from a painful childhood but who cares? It was my escape. It worked then and it still works to this day.

What I wear very much will reflect  where I am and what I am feeling in my life. So sometimes I can even use it as a tool to feel better. Put on a new dress or purchase one. Buy new pretty lingerie. All for me. Not for the public. Not for my family. Not for a man. For me. And it makes me feel better. I smile more and feel better.

Of course this will not eliminate the internal work that we all must do to be free fro the past. It is just another tool. And it is unhealthy to stay in that 'dark, work on my shit place' all the time. We cannot change the past, only our relationship to it. Discover. Uncover. Recover. Amen.

So in my world fashion equals individuality. Feeling good.

The fabric needs to be fabric that feels good on my skin. No more wrapping myself up in some tight piece of whatever, seeking attention. Exposing myself in an overt way where lets face it-who wouldn't look if your kitties are hanging out.

I believe the statistic is that something like 93 percent of adverts use sex to sell products. All kinds of products. ITs comical once you start to actually see it. And what is sex? Only the most physical intimacy two people can have???!!!! And it is exploited here in ways that I will not even go into. That will be another post. Suffice to say, to me it is sacred.

When we have the courage to be free in how we express ourselves externally, it begins to seep in internally as well. Take things you like and put them together. They need not be 'in style' or even match. Remember when all of a sudden grunge was en Vogue? That trend was very laughable. Those people who dressed like that did so before the craze, during the craze and after, even to this day. They are who they are. And that to me is an art form.

Be who you are. Yes we can take ideas from some things we see. Of course we will. But to feel you must have it all, and wear it just as someone else did is a prison and a lie. THAT is a programing that the world has put into us. It is a lie. Be in the world but not of the world. Even if you are someone who dresses weird. WHO CARES ! If it is you in your skin. Unless you do it for attention....another blog altogether.

Halston, Gucci, Fiorucci.......prisons they are. It is all fronting. All this designer and that designer. Seek to be who the Author made you to be. GOD. The Creator has made you far more interesting then any designer on this planet could.  Not to mention  the cost of that path is blood money. ITs car and house payments. It's crazy is what it is.

Don't buy the lie.

You are perfect as you are. You are not made to fit in but to stand out. In your own unique way.

 That is fashion. Be in your own fashion.

So be loud and proud. Seek to dress the real soul, the authentic you. When you are happy and truly, truly comfortable with the perfect you that God made you to be-the world will reflect that back. And those too asleep in their materialistic, shallow existence to see it....f*** 'em.m Bless 'em and f*** 'em. They matter not.

I share this as it took me many years to come to this wisdom. Especially in a business that is so filled with lies. I pray you hear me and not need to go through any more pain of changing who you are authentically to 'fit in.' There is nothing down that path. It is the hamster on the wheel going around and around and getting nowhere.

These days i have been sketching a line of dresses that I am gonna co-create with an experienced seamstress as I have yet to learn that part of it. As I sketch I feel a joy I have not felt for many years. I feel like a child. It is so much fun. I am loving it and excited to share it with my sisters of the world.
The visions are coming from my heart. Working and living from there is everything. I feel reborn.

OF course this cannot all be said without the acknowledgement of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. And He, His word, His teachings have nothing to do with religion. In fact, if you ever study Him you will see He did not teach religion. He taught LOVE. He came to free us. And He who sets you free I free indeed. He actually fought and with the 'holy men' who bastardized God's word for their own selfish purposes. But again, another post for another time.

I send you forth as divine, individual, unique sheep amongst materialistic, fronting, uncreative dead clone wolves. Therefore be as gentle, beautiful and original as doves -fly baby fly- and as strong, unfazed and unrelenting in your truth as you can be. With God at your side.

He will never ever leave you. Believer or not. HE still loves you and will never, ever leave you.

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