Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Walk towards light....

This planet that we are living on is a dramatic pace. I see people all around me catching the wave of a beautiful transitional and sometimes extremely painful evolution of humanity. Personal and collective. Through connections with whomever comes into the sphere of my life,be it a waitress to an executive (although there is NO difference between them) there is a palpable seeking and searching for a new path. A need for questions deep inside to be answered. A desire to not experience so much pain. A questioning of the choices they are making in their lives. And in a rare situation, a person who has achieved all they thought they needed to be "happy" yet, alas, they are not.

Rumi, one of my favorite writers attributes this to the fact that we are "plucked from our source" where we are in communion with our source in a tangible way. That when we come here, all we see in separation. Seeming separation anyway. We are always with our source. Yet we feel abandoned in a strange new world. That when we came from a light, spirit we are dense and heavy. Sound familiar???

After much seeking in my life I always had the question that few could speak to in a way that made sense to me. Or resonated with my heart because most esoteric concepts are far beyond my little computer mind anyway. I never bought that we had to come here to "learn something." I believe we ALL come from source/GOD/supreme being/tree (hehehe) it matters not what you call it. And since we come from that and ARE that and that is perfect, this idea that we are flawed and now need to be fixed and learn seemed like bullshit to me.

The concept that resonates with me the most is that GOD being one and infinite seeks to experience itself. It seeks the mirror of itself. And so being infinite an abundance of things are created. People of different shapes, sizes and colors. displays of it everywhere you look. And on this plane of duality some will be "beautiful" and some may be not so "beautiful."

It seems we all just want the beautiful states of being. And seek to hang onto them with such intensity that we make our lives so much harder than they need to be. And we lose in the process because no state is sustainable. This is the concept the Buddhists call staying in the center of the wheel. The wheel of life which inevitably goes up and down. If ones hangs onto the outside of the wheel there is a series of ups and downs. But the center keeps you just that. Centered, watching and observing but not going up and down constantly. Allowing all that is this experience.

We are "Spiritual beings having a human experience, not human beings having a spiritual experience." An amazing quote that I am not sure where it originated. Possibly Rumi, as well.

This does not mean that one does not feel and becomes a sort of zombie. It means that we experience less pain with the inevitable things that occur in our lives. We need to be like that of a child. They feel all their feelings fully, then move on. Without holding an inner account to beat themselves or someone (a loved one, a co-worker, a friend) with.

The holding of these accounts can also bastardize your future because "state your limitations and they will surely be yours." We are ALL GOD. And we create everyday, every moment with out thoughts, words and actions. Even the secret thoughts that we keep deep inside, ashamed for anyone to see or hear. They unconsciously inform all we do. All that comes to us. Stop blaming. Its us.

First we blame our parents, then we blame ourselves, then we stop blaming.

This is quite empowering. Everything is a mirror, so when we look at whats is in our lives, we brought it in. Also, we have the power to change it all. In the moment we decide to do so. In every moment there is an infinite amount of choices that can be made. Walk towards light. That is simple concept and a real leveler in the madness of all the voices in one's head. And in the madness that we are all going to experience in this lifetime. For we are gonna see some amazing and crazy and at times scary things.

Just ask yourself,"Am I walking towards light."

It makes for a heaven on earth experience. Yes, it may be that you don't want to in this life. That you want to walk towards darkness. That is your choice. You will end up back at the source anyway. But I choose to walk towards light.


  1. Thank you for sharing these lovely thoughts. I needed to hear this today. :-)

  2. Seen from 6.1 billion kilometres (3.7 billion miles), Earth appears as a tiny dot within the darkness of deep space.

    I think God is cosmos itself, i used to have doubts about who we are and what's the meaning of life. Well for me Carl Sagan has the answer with his poem "Pale Blue Dot"

    My conclution is simple: who we think we are, when really we are just what we are: a thiny microscopic dots into the magnificent cosmos.

    Tomorrow, with the order of caos that rules the universe, everything as we known will end. Even us. New things will come, a new star, new planets, or maybe just a nebula. Our job now is as you said trying to stay in the center of the wheel. For our own good we must accept exactly what we are, a tiny pale blue dot and we must have wisdom to handle our tiny lifes as good as we can.

    What's beyound death? I don't know but i choose live as well as i can now, here, because i know i will never be higher than the power that build the universe, in fact we are what we are thank's to that power. It's not submission, no, it's just knowledge and aceptation to do it the right things.

    I think that's the problem with the persons who belive they can hurt the planet or other persons. They only see what them eyes can see. Shame.

  3. Beautiful, thought-provoking, profound. My mind is still processing what you have written and that's a wonderful thing. Thank you for sharing this, Sherilyn.

  4. Recieving a message that you had posted a new blog, I was more than excited and rushed to my laptop. I was just expecting another amazing story from way back when...but this was much more than that.

    Your words can change the way a person(even one is worth it) leads their life. These words are so powerful and you are a strong writer.

    To wake up and to have instantly read your blog really just blows my mind. I have so much to think about now. About my life, how im leading it, and am I "walking towards the light".

    I have one request of you and I hope that I am not asking too much, but please don't stop writing. You have a gift that reaches out to many. Your words have meaning and many hold on to your words. They are words of wisdom and words of truth.

    As long as you write...people will read...I will read.

  5. What an amazing, thought provoking blog post. Your an amazing, beautiful writer. You really have a strong talent. U captivate the reader wholly. I learn so much from your blogs. Thanks for sharing, please don't ever stop~

  6. Amazing. I really needed to hear this right now, as my wheel is outta control. :)

  7. I spoke with somebody last week.... Let us call "X".
    "X" said to me that if he prayed it will be always towards God. Okay...
    I, if I pray, it's towards the person involved for whom I ask and try to find the answer to the problem (do I ask to God at the same time? I do not know...).
    Often when I pray, I cry.
    Because, it clears up my heart to cry (I am strange, I know...).

    I asked to X, if God made everything the things which are on earth, why not to go directly to go towards these things, to learn of them, and to share what we learnt with the other persons?
    X answered me: " it's the satanic voice."
    I do not understand X. But I understand his faith, do he understand mine? I do not know...

    I love trees...

    Love and Light to you,

  8. Thank you, very wise thoughts...

  9. "The concept that resonates with me the most is that GOD being one and infinite seeks to experience itself. It seeks the mirror of itself. And so being infinite an abundance of things are created. People of different shapes, sizes and colors. "
    I love this thought. We are all reflections of I needed to hear this so much today. Thank you Sherilyn!!

  10. .sheryl in light.

  11. I'm living very overwhelming, yet contradictory feelings right now because somebody in my family is very ill and had to undergo an urgent and major operation yesterday. I kind of built this wall over the years between this person and myself, so in this unforeseen situation, I'm uncharacteristically cool and logical.

    Here is the first thought in your post that made me ponder: When we are "centered, watching and observing but not going up and down constantly", it implies that we are able to detach ourselves emotionally. But you see, that's the problem I have in general. I overanalyze and at the same time, I'm usually quite emotional. So both my heart and my brain are over-sollicited.

    However, I'm wondering if I'm finally starting to head towards the center of the wheel. Sometimes, I think that if we could JUST STOP asking ourselves if our reactions are normal all the time, it would simplify our existence and makes things clear MUCH quicker!

    I'm also taking another thought from your post with me: "First we blame our parents, then we blame ourselves, then we stop blaming." That is what I strive to do. You may not believe that we are here to necessarily learn something, but it certainly helps that there are people like you, who communicate their observations and experiences in an insightful and straightforward manner, because we do retain what resonates with our reality.

    Thank you, Sherilyn, it's always a joy to read you!

  12. Bravo, Sherilyn! I always admired you!
    You are not only the fine actress, but also the intelligent, interesting person.
    Thank you for this words of love!

  13. Dear Sherilyn,

    Walking toward light...
    I was searching on the Internet for some meditation resources, to rise above some personal problems. I came across by coincidence with David Lynch's name. He, who knows so well the darkness says that meditation is as an effortless way to melt away darkness, anger... A way to turn towards light...I saw several talks with him on You Tube. It was very interesting to watch how he communicates with students, people, human beings... He ignored with gentle humor people who wanted to impress him with their knowledge and fancy worlds. There were some genuine questions, sometimes insecure but genuine questions about dark and light duality in his world, about consciousness and meditation. His answers were personal, friendly and calm. Very human, very informal. Refreshing sight in this pushy world...
    Another source of light for me was Audrey radiant and contemplative face from Twin Peaks.(I talked about that before.) Interestingly I didn't connect the two names , because Audrey just popped out from my subconscious as a visual help without remembering other aspects of the film. I recognized the connection between Audrey and David Lynch later and I am still thrilled about how she was created and how Real she is...
    The third aspect in this darkness- light duality is Nietzsche. Back in nighties, in my beautiful Audrey years (how easy was to identify with her!) we studied deeply Nietzsche and Dostoevsky. I have no chance to take this knowledge out of my subconscious because I haven't got time to read, I can't afford this luxury. But it strengthened my belief that I am on the right way in my search for the light.
    This is a very personal account of my search. I am having hard time to translate my thoughts from Hungarian.
    With love,

  14. I have to correct a mistake in my previous comment, because it changes the meaning of the sentence. The correct version:
    Back in the nineties, in my beautiful Audrey years (how easy was to identify with her!)we studied deeply Nietzsche and Dostoevsky.
    Sorry about,

  15. Hello Sherilyn. I am from Liverpool, England. Just found your site. Realised that you seem to resonate with me. Yes I am aware of your being an actress but your words are so unpretentious and concerning in nature that the 'actress' mask that is simply an adopted path falls away to reveal a thinker on many levels. It's beautiful. I unfortunately have Bipolar disorder, was only recently diagnosed. I am searching to find a way to lead a life unmedicated with this problem. It's thrown me into the wilderness. Such a dark place when I am ill, that you never feel you will see light again. It's all about the spirit and embodying your spirit world and awareness. I reccommend a book called The Shamans Body. I would love to stay in touch with you collaboratively. My email is if you would like to speak to me. My name is Cher. I am 32. Kind Regards to you. X

  16. Hi Sherilyn, just rediscovered you via the wonderful and somewhat late season 2 of TP. I've just read your post and would like to recommend some essential mind-food that provided a wealth of philosophical nourishment over several months. The late Alan Watts.

    Here's a link to his podcast site:

    If you enjoy that, you can get episodes directly from iTunes for free

    He was so warm, engaging and thoroughly thought provoking.

    Good to find your blog ;-)


  17. Your words ring so true in my heart it is truly like reading my own words. It is comforting to know that others are coming to the same conclusions because it confirms the entire premise of the ideological standpoint. Thank you for being candid and open and real.. it is how i strive to maintain myself although at times I too just want to retreat again into obscurity, especially in this current global transition... but reading others genuine words reminds me to ground into myself and hold on, because there is light is within and throughout.


  18. P.S Hello again Sherilyn/Fellow seekers.

    Further to what you were saying in this particular blog entry, I'd like to share this wonderfully eloquent talk by Peter Russell who comes to the same conclusions but from the freshly enlightened point of view of science.

    Well worth a listen, completely life affirming stuff and great to see that science is finally waking up to the possibilities within reality.

  19. Sherilyn,
    Please dont stop writing because some people are so rude. For every weirdo who writes to you there are a hundred people who are reading and writing to you who love what you have to say. I am one of them. I think you are a beautiful writer who has a lot to say, and I love to listen. Dont let these people hurt you, and take nothing they say personally. Some people's goal in life is simply to hurt others. You are a beautiful person inside and out, share it with the world. And never let anyone stop you from expressing yourself.

  20. Hi Sherilyn,
    You've stated on Twitter how some people have placed hurtful and mean comment, but have you looked at how many people have responded positively and are inspired by you or can relate to you?

    Those are the people you're communicating with, not the nasty ones that are only out there to insult you. It's one thing to disagree with you and have an mature and sophisticated debate about the contents of your blog, which I am sure you would not mind, but to just merely write nasty things is sad and you should just ignore them and don't take it personally.

    It's tough to not take it personally, but what else can you do? Let it drag you down? Let it stop you from writing honestly? If you stop writing honestly you will not only not be true to yourself, you will also lose this connection you have with the people you touch and move, like myself.

    All the best,

    One of your Twitter birds,

  21. Do not stop writing, Sherilyn PLEEEEEEEEASSSSSE :-)

  22. And if I say to you to do not stop writing, it's because today is the day of my birthday.
    It's completely forbidden to stop during this day :-P



  23. lmfaowtf - You have been reported. You have been blocked. Do not waste your time making any additional comments. They will be moderated, and reported as well. It is a federal offense to place such explicit images, racist comments and verbal attacks on a public forum.

    This is not Sherilyn's brother, this is her Man, and I swear that if you persist I will see you prosecuted to the fullest extent allowed by law.

    Do not test me on this. Your pathetic comment spree is over.

  24. Sherilyn,
    Thank you for this post, it is really interesting to read!

  25. A dear blogfriend was attacked for her spirituality by someone who left hundreds of comments in a 24 hour period, then attacked everyone else who had commented as well. It was shocking to see how far someone could take things...

    One of my favorite movies is titled "Intolerance"; there is still far too much of it in this world 94 years after it was made!


  26. Yay Dylan!!!! protecting your lady.

    we, the true fans and seekers of love and understanding, are all forming a protective circle of light around you Sherilyn. please keep sending us your voice and wisdom. it's inspiring, especially when it overcomes such vermin.

  27. Fenn,

    Fuck all of these inconsiderate feeble minded assholes who have ANY criticism towards you, or your writing. You have a god given talent of expressing your thoughts to words like i never dreamed. I am delighted to read anything you say, and i mean that. I was thoroughly and deeply touched by this blog specifically, i am in nature a thinker and i took it to heart. It was incredibly well written and just clicks in my head to be ever so true.

    You are a beautifully unique and blessed individual in every way shape and form. I'm 110% sure you have touched more lives then you ever could have imagined.

    Just forget about the mosquito bites, they go away on their own :) Just keep being you, and do what your heart tells you to.

  28. Dylan, thank you for doing that.

    Sherilyn, stay strong and keep writing.

  29. Such a thoughtful and interesting post. Look forward to more down the line. Thanks Sherilyn, x.