Saturday, February 7, 2009

I know we are all one but THIS is ridiculous.

I watch the kids at my teen stepdaughters school and they all look exactly the same!!! The girls all have long, straightened hair [which is painstaking ironed flat every morning, hence the 2 hour before they leave wake up call] tight "skinny" jeans[which I am sure is great friction for the many who aren't skinny enough to squeeze into a pair] ,tucked into Uggs [de rigueur: at least mid calf but to the knee is preferred but more $$$] or Converse-Chuck Taylors, preferably black. Like the tons of coal eyeliner giving a raccoon appearance, desperate to be grown up?!!! The t-shirts are layered, usually extremely low cut and the jacket of choice, a zipper hoodie. And if permitted, a g-string coming up out of their "skinny" jeans ,bright and exposed by design for all to see.

 Where this is not a bad look per se, [minus the g-string which is ugly no matter what age you are], the issue is that literally, they are ALL wearing it. It is like a version of young, Stepford wives. As they leave after the dismissal bell en masse, picking my daughter out of the crowd of clones is almost impossible. I simply now wait for her to find me.

 It is sad on a lot of levels . Do any of them want to explore who they are becoming or just fit in. And fit into what? The overt sexualization of girls, women. There are even "skinny" jeans that are low cut for baby girls. BABY GIRLS!!! Of course if your baby is healthy and round, forget it. They won't fit. Evoking such thoughts as....Hhhhhmmmm, does my baby needs to be on a diet... But I digress. 

I get that people might say that this is a part of being a teenager. But I beg to differ, it is a mindset. Many grown ups are doing the same thing. There are these "in" outfits that rob people of any personal expression on the most base level, what you wear on your back. How you present yourself out in the world. I like the Einstein story, that he had all the same pants and shirts that he wore everyday. Because he had more important things to think about. At least that was somewhat original.

 I suppose it does not help that we live in a place where if one does dresses out of the box they are laughed at, mocked or put on the worst dressed list. But personally, I would rather have that then be a part of the sleep of the masses of clones. Because that thinking and following leads to a lack of individuality in every aspect of life. Like a stone thrown in the water, there is a ripple affect. What do "they" say about politics -repeating it. What do "they" say about plastic surgery-repeating it. What do "they" say about when to have sex-repeating it. What do "they" say about GOD- repeating it. No honoring, exploration or even acknowledgement of one's direct experience. It all goes through the "they" filter. And most importantly who the fuck is THEY?!


  1. Everything you say here is spot on and I wouldn't disagree with one thing. And don't even get me started on how over sexed kids are becoming in this day and age, it is truly insane. I question whether or not I really want to bring kids in to this world (I don't have any, but still want them). However, I do want to add this is not really new. The over sexed part is, but not the fitting in. I can remember literally losing sleep in Junior High (1980) because I did not have OP shorts to wear. Or practically getting an ulcer because I did not have a Kennington or Lighting Bolt shirt to wear to the Roller Rink that friday. It wasn't until around 16 when I started to actually WANT to be different. And how did I prove I was different - I joined a different group of people - I became a MOD! ha ha. But that's a story for another day.

  2. "To be nobody but yourself in a world that's doing its best to make you somebody else, is to fight the hardest battle you are ever going to fight. Never stop fighting." -- e.e. cummings

  3. I thought you might find this interesting....I just discovered your blog so I am back tracking....I'm sure I'll have more to say as I read.....really liking it so far.