Friday, January 30, 2009

Uh-Oh, I have a blog.... Now what?

Wow. OK, now I have a blog. What to say. I don't know....Well, this won't last for long, you see I have a big mouth and created this [rather, my man did] to have a place to put it all.  I will share my truth, my perspective, my direct life experience in hopes that it touches a few people and connects them with their own authentic truth. As ONLY sharing of one's truth will do. 

 One part of me hates computers and another, as a wise friend said, feels they are GOD boxes. Connecting us with such a volume of souls that would otherwise never be a part of one's day to day experiences.

  So here I am to ruffle some feathers and shine some light on the dark corners of my mind. But be warned that when one does that, you may get some reflective light on the dark corners your own. And that is my intention. With love and light.  


  1. Just loved watching you on Twin Peaks! Having just seen it now in 2011, I can appreciate the excellent writing and performances from the early 90's. You definitely out shone everyone else on the show. You seem so versatile, and you're so talented, surprised I haven't seen you in more roles post-twin peaks. You remind me of a more talented, brunette Marilyn Monroe. Thanks for the performances!
    J. =)

  2. I just found your blog, read random posts and decided to curl up this morning and start from the beginning. Not too often when one encounters a blogger who embraces expressing their perceptions without altering and modifying to shape posts into what they thinks others want to hear.

  3. Start posting again. Pretty please :) x